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Yayasan Panca Maha

As a result, our programs in personal development, life skills, and HSE training has helped more than 1500 people in achieving success in their business and personal lives. The results of our programs that we deliver, they feel empowered, they feel inspired, they feel determined and educated on how to keep growing positively while helping others through their kindness.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in investing in our programs that exhibits personal development, resiliency, personal awareness while supporting the disaster affected areas.

Are you the one?

Inspire, Lead, and Transform

Individual Attention

We understand there is value in every conversation and in every interaction. We believe in investing our time and attention that our clients’ need in order to succeed.

Compassion and Professional

Our programs are delivered with a servant’s heart and world-class service. We believe in compassion and professional service should go hand in hand to achieve results.

Life Long Leadership and Learning

We believe in equipping our clients with the skills to be able to learn and be the leaders for the rest of their lives! Leaders serving leaders, inspiring success while achieving results .

What our clients say

I am more than satisfied with the professionalism and expertise of Mr. Bradshaw and recommend him
highly. He is also friendly and respectful and ready to give any helpful advice.


The team building activity with Yayasan Panca Maha have changed our lives, we have learnt so many important knowledge such as the basic first aid, circuit trainings, personality tests, understanding each other better.

― Rosita, The Parlour

G5F was established in Oct 2017 two months after the Founders (Vica and Brad), returned from New Zealand (NZ) and G5F evolved fairly rapidly.  Both Brad and his wife already had established an extremely large networks in both the expat and Indonesian communities throughout the country prior to their departure to NZ

Their first few projects started small with company team building and some physical outward-bound challenges.  The Foundation slowly gathered momentum, building a list of quality clients.  Training varied from Graphology, first aid, jungle safety training, health and safety in the workplace, basic firefighting, etc

Our Clients

The Great 5 Foundation

Over 20 years of experience in training, consulting, leadership and team building in Asia.

By supporting The Great 5 Foundation/Yayasan Panca Maha, you are also contributing in creating positive difference in people lives.

Our Success


As a result, we have helped more than 1500 people’s lives in achieving growth and the number is keep going!


We have 100% satisfaction rate from our clients and we are aiming to maintain it.


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for. With 20 years of experience in training, consulting, leadership, and team building in Asia.

About Us

Over 20 years experience of keeping people and assets safe & secure with training, consulting, leadership and team building in Asia